Why export?

Did you know that exporting Beans and Pulses is very lucrative? Moreover, it is a strategic crop for Brazil, which can grow not only in the foreign market - but also increase domestic demand. That's because the area of bean production in Brazil has been falling over the last 20 years, preventing our ability to fully meet domestic consumption.

In other words, this means that bean consumption in Brazil could be even higher, if domestic production also increased. There is room for a demand of 3.25 million tons, or 12% more than the 2.9 million tons currently produced.

To sum up: by increasing the production of beans that are in great demand on the international market, we can make better use of Brazil's domestic consumption. At the same time, we can sell the surplus to other markets: In other words, profit comes from both sides!

Moreover, there is another factor that points to a trend of increasing demand for pulses and special crops in the coming years in the world: Sustainability. With the climate crises the world is going through, the need to produce more food, and in a sustainable way, is becoming increasingly evident. In this sense, pulses fit 'like a glove' because they require fewer natural resources, consume less water and provide more protein than animal sources, for example.

Another important trend contributing to the increased demand for pulses is the growing number of vegans and vegetarians. In the last 5 years alone, this segment has increased by an impressive 300%. This means that the consumption of plant-based foods, which use pulses as raw material, will also increase worldwide, creating a niche that can generate great returns for producers.


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